About The No Cold Calling Zone

No Cold Calling Zone

Doorstep Cold Callers, such as people going door to door trying to sell solar panels, are not supposed to operate in Ingleby Cross or Ingleby Arncliffe as our community is covered by a No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ) which was set up on 30th May 2013.

A NCCZ is also aimed at deterring unscrupulous people such as traders offering to fix some broken roof tiles and young men selling overpriced household goods.

Full details about the Pedlars’ Certificates that the latter should display, rather than homemade Hawkers’ Certificates which are not legal.

The homemade Hawkers’ Certificates usually state “Hawker” in large bold letters, incorporate a passport type photo and are laminated. The Pedlars’ Certificates issued by North Yorkshire Police do not have a photo, but the ones issued by Cleveland Police do. Both versions state that they are Pedlars Certificates.

A NCCZ does not affect people who regularly visit such as Avon and Betterware agents, and milkmen. Charity collectors may be affected if they are trying to get residents to sign up to monthly Direct Debits.

There is a NCCZ street sign on every entrance road to each village, and many properties display "No Doorstep Callers" window or door stickers. Please note that a key requirement that may lead to a cold caller at your property being prosecuted for a criminal offence is that you prominently display one of these stickers.

Sales people will often use the same excuses that they did not see the signs, and that they are approved by the Government, North Yorkshire County Council, Hambleton District Council or our Parish Council. None of these bodies will have given permission for doorstep cold calling.

Sales people can put leaflets through letterboxes inviting house owners to contact them and make an appointment, but they should not be ringing the doorbell and trying to speak to the occupiers without a prior appointment.

If somebody cold calls at your house, the advice from Trading Standards is to be polite and state that you do not do business on the doorstep. If they persist, politely ask them to leave and close your door.

Please report the incident to Trading Standards or the Police as soon as possible.

Note that the telephone number on the back of the window and door stickers has changed from 08454040506 to 03454040506. This takes you to the Citizens Advice Bureau, who will record the details and pass them to North Yorkshire Trading Standards. However, the number is only manned during normal working hours and is often busy so you may have to wait for your call to be answered.

Instead the Police suggest that you contact them on 101. This takes you to the Police Control Room which is manned 24 hours a day. The other advantage of telephoning the Police is that they are more likely to be able to send somebody to investigate a report of doorstep calling than Trading Standards are due to staff reductions at the latter. The information that you give will still reach Trading Standards as they check the Police logs each day for doorstep calling incidents.

​If you have any issues with anything on this page or would like more information please contact the Neighbourhood Watch on neighbourhoodwatch.IAIC@gmail.com