About The Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is one the biggest and most successful voluntary crime prevention initiatives. It is based around the idea of an active community working in partnership with the police, bringing neighbours together to make their community safer.


Stay alert and report anything suspicious

Everybody in our community needs to remain vigilant for suspicious vehicles and people, and unusual noises – especially at night. Note the details (including the vehicle registration number if you can) and report them immediately to the Police by telephoning “101”, unless you think that a crime is about to be committed, in which case phone 999.

Click here for the Incident Report Form that you can use to record important details while they are fresh in your mind. Please send details by e-mail to the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator at Neighbourhoodwatch.IAIC@gmail.com 


NHW news alerts

See the foot of this page for the latest messages received from North Yorkshire Police.

NHW news alerts are sent out to members of the community via the village newsletter e-list. To sign up to receive them, or to be excluded from receiving them, please send an e-mail to Hazel at hazelw.IAICPC@gmail.com


North Yorkshire Community Messaging

North Yorkshire Community Messaging is a free community messaging system for North Yorkshire that allows you to register to receive the latest crime notifications and community news happening in your local neighbourhood. Simply register on their website.


Police contacts

See the police contact details in this area.


No Cold Calling Zone

Ingleby Arncliffe and Ingleby Cross are covered by a No Cold Calling Zone which was set up on 30th May 2013.

A No Cold Calling Zone is aimed at deterring unscrupulous people such as traders offering to fix some broken roof tiles and young men selling overpriced household goods.

A No Cold Calling Zone does not affect people who regularly visit such as Avon and Betterware agents, and milkmen. Charity collectors may be affected if they are trying to get residents to sign up to monthly Direct Debits see the Crime Information and Advice page.

For more information about the No Cold Calling Zone including more telephone numbers to ring if a cold caller visits, see our About The No Cold Calling Zone page.


Crime information and advice

For details on Details on Crime maps, Advice on how to protect yourself against crime including staying safe on line, The Police and Crime Commissioner, Crimestoppers, North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards department, and National and County Neighbourhood Watch websites see the Crime Information and Advice Page


Neighbourhood Watch News Alerts

Details to follow soon. 


​If you have any issues with anything on this page or would like more information please contact the Neighbourhood Watch on neighbourhoodwatch.IAIC@gmail.com